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there are five different repertoire, fares up to five hundred thousand yuan a third floor tickets are sold for $ 50,000. Duchenne's lover Meng Xiaodong, in the fifth, sixth night, and even played two nights' search solitary solitary save "all aid relief ticketed. Because the seat allocation was insufficient coupons, there are many police insist on entering the theater, almost sudden, things come, but fortunately there garrison commander Lee and Lan presence, finally put all the dust settles down.Duchenne heyday, Shanghai all large-scale commercial and industrial establishments, all figuring out ways to recruit him as a director or chairman of the board, because all large organizations, such as the occurrence of disputes on the environment, then there must be a character can ease the situatio nike air max tn uk  then In Shanghai, only one of the most affordable Duchenne.Therefore, in large organizations Duchenne Shanghai business community, and served as chairman of the board or directors of seven or ten. As far as I know, the newspaper industry as "declaration", "News", "mainland newspaper" (Spanish), banks are Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Bank of Commerce, the Department of the bank, as the Big East Bookstore Bookstore, Spinners Hengda Spinners, tram transportation agencies to Chinese companies and big round Hang up company in Pudong secondary schools, Zhengshi school, in addition cotton plants, iron factories, paper mills, transportation companies and exchanges, he served almost by Chairman of the Board, only a few officials and businessmen

organized institution he served as director. Duchenne annual business income, not to mention the interest on the shares, traveling expenses alone there is a very impressive figure. As regards public servants more, the National Assembly, said before the Shanghai office of Mayor of the Senate, was elected without it, other important groups such as the National Federation of the boat and so are the president.Why an initial illiterate people have such prestige it  Because he dealt with personnel issues, there is a special way, often only nike air max thea womens one sentence, we can solve the difficult problem of a large organization, a lot of company board meeting, all Yizunjiujiao go to his house hold, he probably trivial matter , just ask him to come out big a word.At that time a wide range of social forces between large, any organization as long as he served as chairman of the board, then what can disappear, so he became a leader of Shanghai welcomed by hundreds of lines of businesses.Duchenne handling one thing, a very strong will, but there are two opposite extreme weakness. Is the wives and children of a poor family cope, often leaving home for everyone unhappy. As an example, he had lived in WAC road provincial judge, but the place is not big, impressive enough, so another ancient road in Dumet pull the corner made the road a lot of new housing, will stay, leaving the family room bee, Duchenne very angry, and afraid to vent their wives, persistent and persistent. Later, a feng shui, this houses

 murderous too, live in the home will be more than the tongue, and there is as insidious evil, so let Duchenne build another one in the garden pavilion, used to suppress the feng shui. However, after the pavilion caused, at home but get worse, Duchenne even helpless, so this mansions, vacant for years. Until the beginning of the war, Du Li Hu, did not enter this new home has always stayed one night.Another thing is that his illness. Initially suffering from phlegm disorder (ie, chronic bronchial wheeze), and later converted to asthma, I started for his advice to the nineteen years, I said to him:. "This disease can only be a temporary solution, there is no final solution,"  nike air max 2014 cheap  he said: "I do not know how many Chinese and Western medicine have seen, only the phrase you are willing to say the truth." But every time he onset, always very anxious, it seems at stake in general, strongly afflicted by the disease will run out!May 2, 1949, the company finally Java Duchenne take a cruise, "Bao Shu Yun" was coming to Hong Kong to live in Kennedy Terrace, surnamed Lu twenty Builders housing, the living environment for Duchenne The drastic change, but more frequent asthma attacks, in addition to asthma patients, there are serious neurasthenia like. He had a very strong person is the will, this time will also extremely weak all day long suspicious. Western doctors sometimes complete sets, sometimes several a day to ask a doctor, but there are two doctors, morning, afternoon and evening to even look at

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 "Pudong school", has two primary schools, one located in Pudong, a factory where Nan Ma, Pudong became the first celebrity donations up schools. He went out of his great admiration.Pudong Middle School, was held Huangyanpei (any of) and other tyrants. Huang also Pudong people, like political stir, so the Pudong School funding annually hugely inadequate. After the death of Yang Sisheng annual insufficient funding by Duchenne responsible to compensate, therefore pushed for the chairman. Huangyanpei still need cable before, according nike air max 2013 uk   to Duchenne still shown with, local people try to tell Duchenne: "Huangyanpei private appointment, extravagance, unhelpful." Duchenne laughed.A year, Chen Qun (human crane) to persuade a large-scale high school self Duchenne, Duchenne view of his young school, whom echocardiography, in Shanghai West Fahuazhen provision thirty acres of land, construction of buildings dozen seats, offering positive School starts on the Qun as principals, students mostly free, although a small number of school fees and the number of collected minimal.There Zhengshi secondary school places six thousand, but no experience in education Qun. After school, students not only small, but also the degree of uneven, Duchenne great disappointment, Qun helpless. The Duchenne and reluctant to providers in Huangyanpei. One day, I Duchenne chat, he asked me: "Zhengshi mostly free, how much the

 students " I said: "The school is not an easy thing, every school, not lack a backbone of talent, such as Nanyang School trunk is Pei Sun, Nanyang Model Shen same trunk, Min Li and Lu Dan Su Yingjie School is that they are having a school talent. Qun education is not, of course, does not know how to handle. "Duchenne listened, nodded frequently. Then I told him: "Man Secondary School, Oh my god, Lu Dan quite want to leave, they can recruit to come." Duchenne quickly said: "Very well, very well, you go around him to see me. "My childhood nike air max 95 cheap was also established in the public high school read the book, Lu Dan teach our culture, quite a good impression on me, once I offer, after which he considers the three days, and I went with Duchenne.Mr. Dan was originally a literary family, written in beautiful calligraphy, he pre-written two fan, to the DU house, gave a Duchenne, a given Qun. Sermon on the high appreciation of painting, looked Lu Dan wrote the word, full of praise. Duchenne on Qun, said: "Mr Luk schools is an expert, why not ask him to help you busy " Qun a promise, and said: "Miss Dan Secondary School is the famous people do, and I hope Mr. Lu can condescend positive . starting high school General Director of "Luks immediately answered, however, put forward two conditions: teachers of all subjects, all recruited by him to be; student enrollment must undergo a rigorous exam, do not pass all eliminated, even poor children Doo introduced, have to pass a test. Duchenne agreed.Lu Dan Zhengshi

School hosted the second year, six thousand degrees actually tell full, Du Grand Hyatt. Zhengshi magnificent large secondary school, one is less than for the whole auditorium on the Shanghai schools. Shanghai was first established, "City Council", the can not find a suitable venue, and finally held at Zhengshi School auditorium, opened the inaugural meeting of the first council every two Members have a table, two chairs, where only a very clean, And there is no auditorium and a pillar, much larger than the memory of the City Hall restaurant, parking is the curiosities of Shanghai. Consul countries are to attend, met with so much in school, feel unexpected.Duchenne's birthday is July 11 lunar annual Fengdao this day, Du said the celebration are reluctant and often avoid Shou     nike air max 90 cheap elsewhere, only about an old friend gossip vicissitudes of life, which is his "old rules in often."Year of victory, Duchenne returned from Chongqing, and soon he was chatting away sixty birthday, friendship firmly asked to celebrate his birthday party, said pre-determined National Troupe was invited to Shanghai drama, also participated in theater performances in Shanghai, when China Grand Theater with performances held at the famous play ten days. Due to insufficient allocation of seats coupons, each play even play two nights, equal

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"You brought something more to really ever use, do not come back to the . "Duchenne when the Church told him:" Tomorrow we have to send an armored car to you, your jeep is not enough defense "when Zhang's early refuse, then gladly accepted.After Duchenne go back, one asked, telephone equipment, not just buy the night put his career in the Department of Banking telephone switchboard removed, and ten individual responsibility of each donation electric and telephone wires, immediately sent the next morning. This shock for a while. Commerzbank comprador Yang Zhiyun think there is a military warehouse telephones, also responds owed new balance 420 womens , dedicated to the Nineteenth, Duchenne on the front along with armored vehicles rushed to the urgent need for. After the "August" event ends, restore the old market outlook, Chinese and Japanese are also getting a little exchanges, the Japanese Minister of Japan sent military orders Nagano Slim lobbying Duchenne, the group asked him to set up a "China Construction Bank Company," the capital three hundred thousand million gift to fifty-one% Duchenne, Duchenne resolutely declined, the Japanese tried every means, to persuade them to answer. President of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Chen Funai Ichiro ensure that only talk business, talk about politics, Duchenne final unmoved.Before "August" Sino-Japanese War began, the Japanese generals and Dohihara Kenji Matsui

are home to pay homage to Du, Du plead illness seen, the Japanese hated, so after the date of the beginning of the war, it rapidly Duchenne leave Shanghai.Du Sheng, the obsession in order to develop his hometown Takahashi prosperity, when the municipal government is proposing to do Huangpu River ferry to the Bund as a starting point, the first hotel built as a water station, and another six new ferries, the opening line from the Bund by DONGGOU and other stations, and to Takahashi as the end point. Duchenne heard the news, immediately Recommend Tam Pak Yu presidedWith the ferry after Takahashi, accessibility, lively market conditions. Duchenne decided new balance 1500 uk  to build a shrine in his birthplace, and has a primary school and Takahashi Takahashi library.Du Temple's share of the land, but two acres, but the completion date, four townships ages have come to worship. Duchenne heard the news, was determined not to ask local people gifts or not, the banquet on the 3rd, with an estimated four rural people to dinner to celebrate, at two hundred thousand or more, so it will fill the space all around Du Temple, beginning to fill twenty acres, and later because it was initiated by Shanghai, inviting country famous actor, drama three days to Du Temple, Beijing, Tianjin, the famous actor Gong Yunfu, Li Jirui, Yangxiao Lou, Tanxiao Pei Wang and Chen, Yan Ju Peng, Ma Lianliang and the four most famous are automatically asked to participate performances. News, all Shanghai people stir up, know and do not know who all have gifts, hoping to get a seat ticket, so Duchenne between short-term, and twenty acres of Reclamation, corrugated hangar, and set the stage, theater three days. Who saw the play three days are considered Bi Shengxing thing.This way, the original six ferry on inadequate, temporary borrowing between ten small passenger vessels, also the

 whole of Shanghai Friendship by small cars one hundred twenty shuttle guests. In addition to the day by the local police to maintain order, there Zhabei mobilized to defend the group members to defend two thousand people attended, so lively, although the extreme case, but orderly.Duchenne personally entertain guests, who in addition to HE the directorate outside Nanjing, Shanghai Mayor and the Board Secretary, as well as consular-cum-business people in attendance.The most interesting is an area of ​​several acres of restaurants, from North Korea to the evening, every hour, over a hundred seats open feast called "Liu Shuixi." The most popular is the loose play after new balance 1500 uk   midnight, has to eat a large skylight, a lot of people in order to see the name of a three-day drama, have not slept a good sleep. Such a grand occasion can be said to have not seen Shanghai.Ninety years ago, Pudong, a man named Yang Sisheng plasterers, later plot owned many, he Shenhen himself illiterate, and therefore think there are a lot of children never Pudong entrance, so the allocation of land ten acres, donated one hundred and two thousand, in Pudong

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